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亚博体育网页登录-亚博体育app苹果下载地址-亚博app苹果版下载 is located in the geographic center of the most active "Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle" in China. Its headquarters is located in Changxing, Zhejiang Province. With its unique location advantage, 亚博体育网页登录-亚博体育app苹果下载地址-亚博app苹果版下载 won the opportunity of China's economic development. After 10 years of development, SITA has become a well-known supplier of SMC&BMC materials, molded products and insulation plates in China. Products are widely used in electrical and electrical, automotive, truck, agricultural machinery and equipment, rail transportation, building materials, sanitary ware, leisure sports goods and other fields.

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亚博体育网页登录-亚博体育app苹果下载地址-亚博app苹果版下载 is a well-known SMC&BMC material supplier in China. Products are widely used in transportation, electrical, aerospace, sanitary, construction, sports and leisure, new energy (currently new energy auto parts, charging piles, etc.).

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  • Application in railway vehicles 2017/12

    Application in railway vehicles

    The product is a bit: excellent electrical properties, excellent flame retardant properties, good mechanical streng...

  • SMC insulation board characteristics 2017/12

    SMC insulation board characteristics

    SMC insulation board has a high mechanical strength, flame retardancy, leakage resistance is second only to UPM203;...

  • BMC pellets become the preferred choice for cabinet tops 2017/12

    BMC pellets become the preferred choice for cabinet tops

    With the rapid development of China's cabinet market, the countertops that are supporting products for the cabinet ...

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